We help our customers to design and implement solutions based on IoT technologies, achieving an exceeding experience with the combination of hardware, firmware, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & AI platforms.

It is an agile and short-term project aimed at companies and organizations that want to evaluate the implementation of IoT technology projects. The innovation program analyzes and identifies the processes of the organization where IoT technologies provide their greatest value. Within the innovation program, the specific IoT technologies to be incorporated are also determined and a roadmap is established to follow for their implementation.

It is a process that encompasses all the disciplines necessary to assemble a business solution based on IoT technology. These solutions are made up of: IoT devices that take use, a transport network for this information, transformation and storage services and, finally, business applications that use the data connecting by different means according to which they must do the same.

The Blink IoT Platform is in charge of executing the data transformation pipeline and ensuring its correct storage, out of the box. The information is stored in different repositories, to be used by different customers and for different uses. Repositories of time series, relational, big data, in-memory databases & messages brokers for realtime, as well as datahubs for integration with other systems.

We evaluate and select market devices that adapt to the solution needs. In the case of not complying with the requirements, either for functional aspects, firmware details or communication technologies, we design custom hardware. We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the international arena implementing and distributing hardware solutions for different industries.

Our devices include Sensor Health firmware technologies Monitoring that operates its correct operation and interaction. Having control of the firmware of the devices is a competitive and important advantage, since it can be adapted to the specific needs of each solution, which at first may seem trivial, but which at the end of the road represent the success or failure of a project that is cut by the lowest link: measurements.

Devices take measurements and some perform specific actions. The configuration and design of the hardware together with a correct design of the firmware make the devices efficiently handle the energy they consume, achieving autonomies of more than 3 years with four AA batteries.



Mobile | offline | BLE | NFC



Mobile | offline | BLE | NFC

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