We create solutions built with custom software that makes a difference within companies and are adopted by consumers making them part of their lives in a natural and frictionless way. Consequently, we design and implement software architectures which adapt to organizations supporting their operations at scale.

We develop applications for consumers oriented to conversion. Therefore, we work on the strategic and communication aspects of the industry, added to the development of iOS and Android interfaces polished to perfection, to then take business performance metrics that feed back into the process and thus enter a virtuous cycle of growth.

In a world where most of the web traffic comes from cell phone screens, our web development team builds responsive interfaces that use the same backend services providing robustness and contributing to the lower total cost of acquisition of transactional web solutions or e-commerce.

Each project is particular, that is why we design scalable architectures according to the different scale needs. Java | Python | .net | Kafka | Redis Postgres | Oracle | mariaDB

Our solutions have a scalable architecture and are designed to be implemented in the organization's own infrastructure or in the cloud, using services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services or Heroku.

We include specific services for internal monitoring of applications, orchestration of microservices, analysis and monitoring of hardware, management of alerts and notifications, etc. that allow to know more about the current and evolutionary operation of the implemented solutions, being one step ahead in their preventive maintenance.



HTML5 | Java | SqlServer



Hubspot | Mobile Nativo Android e iOS | REACT | Microservicios Java | REDIS | Postgres | Grafana

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